I'm a healthcare practitioner. Which HIPAA forms do I need?

In 1996, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) was created as an effort to protect patients' healthcare information from data theft and unwanted disclosure.

Despite its apparent complex regulations, the goal of HIPAA is quite simple: patients have the right to keep their health records private and decide who is authorized to view them.

Do I need HIPAA forms?

If you are considered a covered entity, you should comply with the HIPAA privacy rules. Click here to find out if you are a covered entity.

All covered entities should have a designated privacy officer and develop privacy policies, which include providing their patients with specific HIPAA related forms.

Which forms do I need?

Creating your form templates is easy with our form editor, but you can also just send us your existing forms and we will set everything up for you.

Privacy Notice
A privacy notice document states the privacy policies and procedures surrounding sensitive patient information. It should be shared with all new patients or even posted on your website.

Before you start the treatment, you should obtain a signed form from your patient where he/she acknowledges and agrees with your privacy notice.

This is a sample of a privacy notice document: Notice of Privacy Practices.docx

HIPAA Release Form
Ideally, only the entity involved in a patient's treatment should have access to the obtained healthcare information. However, it's often necessary to disclose the information with third-parties, including a patient's close relative.

This is when HIPAA Release Forms come in handy. A release form allows the patient to express authorization for the use or disclosure of their information.

This is a sample of a simple HIPAA release form: HIPAA Release Form.pdf

Can these forms be signed electronically?

With the increasing use of electronic patient intake forms, it makes sense to include the HIPAA forms as part of the intake package you send to your patients.

This will avoid the overhead, expenses and risks related to paper-based systems. It also makes sure you have obtained the HIPAA forms from your patients before they even arrive at your office.

Disclaimer: Our knowledge of HIPAA is based on our experience with helping our customers provide the best intake for their patients. We are not lawyers and you should consult with one in your state when drafting your HIPAA forms.

Here at IntakeQ, we think that the role of intake forms is underplayed. We see them as the first interaction between you and your newly acquired customer. Our goal is to make the intake process as smooth as possible and help you look awesome.

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