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intakeQ Overview

A brief overview of intakeQ’s forms-only offering a cloud-based offering which allows you to build, send out and review all patient forms. Save you and your staffs time by expediting patient care on a HIPAA compliant platform. Forms can be filled out on all modern internet devices and can be accessed via email, SMS or linked invitation! Your forms are able to be personalized with a custom header and sent out under your business email address so your patients recognize your digital presence!


What a day within intakeQ will look like for you as a practitioner! How fast and easy it can be to make sure that your patients care if comprehensive and secure.

How to send intake forms to clients

How to invite clients to fill out forms via email or SMS text message.

Mapping Form Fields to the Client’s Profile

Have your clients fill out their profile for you by linking form questions to their profile. This will help you review pertinent information (emergency contact, insurance data, etc.) at a glance without having to pull up an entire form.

Standard Consent Form

intakeQ’s standard consent forms are easy to set up with the ability to fully format, edit and add dynamic question fields all within one form builder. Collect esignatures, initials and check boxes without the headache of faxing, scanning or any use of paper!

PDF Consent Form

intakeQ supports PDF consent forms which are easy to set up and view. They remove the need to reformat your form for use. Let me show you how easy it is to set up!

Patient Notes and their Timeline

How to fill out a patient’s treatment/progress note! Review their prior notes and quickly ensure documentation is completed. Watch VideoPatient Notes and their timeline

Patient Profile

A digital folder for your client/patient’s journey. One location that stores their appointments, notes, forms, invoices, event log and more!

Pinned Notes

Instead of having to type the same line of information from your patients forms to your progress note, you can have that data pull through automatically! Let me make this time saving feature an easy addition to your practice.

Interactive Mode for Forms

Change how your forms are viewed while filling out. Interactive mode helps less tech savvy users navigate their form for ease of use.

How to rearrange questions

How to move questions and reformat your questionnaire forms.

How to create an intake package

Save your clients inbox by sending them multiple forms in one email or SMS invitation.

How to copy questions from one form to another

Save yourself time while setting up forms by duplicating your questions from one form to another!

How to add clients

How to upload a batch of clients via CSV to IntakeQ or manually add them individually.

How to add a custom header to your forms

Make your forms more personal to your practice by adding a logo, business information and social media links to the top of all forms!

Creating Intake Questionnaires or Treatment Notes

How to create and edit your intake questionnaires or practitioner treatment notes. Intake forms are filled out by clients and saved to their profile. Treatment Notes are filled out by the clients practitioner.

Consent Form URL

How to get a publicly accessible URL for your consent forms. This URL is able to be added to a website or linked in a body of text like an email.

Conditional Rules and Skip Logic

IntakeQ supports simple skip logic within our forms. This feature gives you the ability to hide or show certain questions, consent forms and trigger automations based on a specific answer.

Adding attachments and signatures to existing notes

How to allow attachment uploads and digital signatures to your treatment or progress notes.