Help Us Verify Your 2022 Insurance! All Guests must do this.

(Required even if your plan is the same as last year)

1. Get out your insurance card*

*If you haven’t received your card yet, you can take a screenshot of the info from you insurance portal instead

2. Take pictures of front & back with your phone

3. Enter all info on this form & upload pics

4. Wait for our team to update you on your benefit coverage as we obtain that quote & inform you in the coming weeks

By updating this form, it can avoid any unpleasant circumstances such as outstanding balances & will assure everyone that you are not being overcharged for your sessions. Once we receive the picture of your insurance card & have your signed form, we will add you to our cue for retrieving the quote of your 2022 coverage. A quote is simply the quote the insurance rep gives us & not a guarantee of coverage/fee. NOTE: Due to the high wait times, delays on insurance database portals & high call volumes at all insurance companies at the start of 2022, accessing updated benefit verification can take a long time.