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Thank you so much for your interest in our services! Breastfeeding can be confusing and overwhelming but with support, you can begin to feel confident in your abilities. 

Please disregard the information below  and continue to the booking site if you are scheduling for FREE Clinic Friday or through the grant. 

Below, we have provided some helpful information regarding scheduling and fees based on how your visit may be covered. Please read prior to scheduling. 

For Aetna clients:

Currently, Milkin' Melanin Lactation Services is in-network with Aetna. Please be aware that Aetna needs to be your PRIMARY insurance with a plan that offers lactation consultations in order for us to be able to submit claims for approval. If Aetna is NOT your primary insurance and we are not aware of that, we will have to bill you for the visit and send you a super bill for you to submit for possible reimbursement. 

We require a credit card on file as a co-pay or deductible may be required by your insurance company. Co-pays are typically confirmed once the claim has been processed by the insurance company which can take several weeks following the date of service. An Explanation of Benefits will determine the amount that needs to be paid by you (the patient) which will be charged to the card on file. We verify your benefits as a courtesy but it is your responsibility to reach out to your insurance carrier to confirm coverage. 

TLN Clients:

The Lactation Network appointments are reserved for clients who have received an insurance approval email with the following PPO plans…Cigna, BCBS, Anthem, or Empire (OR if your card has a Multiplan or PNOA logo on it). If this applies to you but you have not completed TLN’s intake form, please do so HERE prior to scheduling. 

Self-pay (out-of-network) clients: 

We will provide you with a superbill suitable for you to submit to your insurance. The super bill (which will also serve as a payment receipt) will be coded appropriately to the level of service provided during the visit. You agree to pay Milkin’ Melanin Lactation Services at the time of the visit (debit/credit card, or FSA/HSA). You agree to pay the full cost of services per visit. You will not be refunded for the cost of services rendered. You understand that you must pay $100 deposit up front.