Welcome to the Trusted Care Network of Ohio! 

Thank you for choosing the Trusted Care Network! Please choose a service below. You will then be taken to a scheduling calendar to choose a convenient appointment time for your requested service.

All Doctor appointments are conducted virtually through online video conferencing Telemedicine appointments. The future of convenient healthcare is here!

Please note: You will be asked to enter credit/debit card information in order to request your appointment. Your card will not be charged until AFTER your appointment is confirmed. We will send you a free questionnaire and consent forms to be completed. They will be reviewed along with any relevant condition documentation that has been received from you or your diagnosing physician (We can help acquire this for you). This may take up to two business days. You will receive confirmation of your appointment with a notification before a card charge will be made. 

If you have any questions at all, please call us at 800-484-5305.