Vishnupriya Nair, MD 
Board Certified Internal Medicine

34876 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor, FL 34684, USA
727-939-5128 |    727-937-3958

1) Our booking system is set to ONLY confirm appointments booked by members of the practice.
The only way that the system can tell that you are a member is by your name and the email address that you have used to book visits with us in the past. Please be sure to book your visit with the same NAME and  EMAIL you have used to book visits in the past, otherwise your appointment will not be confirmed automatically. 

2) Be sure to click CONFIRM REQUEST at the end and that you get to the screen that says " Your appointment is awaiting confirmation" (if it is your first time booking with us here) or " Your Appointment has been booked". Otherwise you are not done and we will never receive the request.